Monday, February 15, 2010

Now I shall blog

I have blog! I am actually creating this blog with one ultimate goal in mind: to post a cyberjournal of my journey toward healing. While I am not physically ill, I have "issues." Sure, we all have issues. They kind of come with the earth suit. This blog is about calling upon my faith in Jesus Christ to help me deal with these issues.
So...I'm ready to get started! First, I've gotta figure out how to create this blog, so bear with me.
It's time to build a blog!


About Me

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Missylaneous Me seemed a suitable title for this blog because I, like most other women, am complex. There are so many facets to what defines me. My love affair with Jesus Christ is at the very heart of my being, surrounded by my love for my awesome husband of 26 years, our two amazing grown children, and our family and friends. I enjoy photography, creating things with my hands, playing games, watching movies, reading, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, being quiet, and being a woman. I'm excited and apprehensive about this new journey. Let it begin!